Compossible Climate

Humanity’s efforts to mitigate damage from climate change are mired in a troubling paradox: Everyone knows that a strong communal good comes from cooperative action, but many are afraid that their cooperative behavior will be taken advantage of by one or more parties that withhold their cooperation. In today's world filled with competing priorities, only so much progress can result from top-down approaches to managing climate change. To have any hope of reducing the effects of climate change in time, we need to pursue strategies that overcome the "Tragedy of the Commons" in a distributed way. 

We are partnering with organizations to build and launch a prototype CCF platform to address climate change problems. This CCF will provide a user interface that allows parties to map out what they would be willing to do based on relevant contingencies, including other parties’ commitments. In addition, it will contain an advanced logic engine that processes users’ contingent commitments to discover actual and potential solutions. 

If you want to help, let us know.