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Nathan Sigworth

I'm an experienced CEO, founder and collaborator. As co-founder of GPSS I commercialized a new bicycle technology and sold the company to Jyrobike Ltd. As founding CEO of PharmaSecure, I created a company that disrupted the anti-counterfeiting industry, allowed regulators and industry in emerging markets to track the distribution of billions of medicine packages and better fight counterfeit drugs. After 8 years in CFO and CEO roles, I handed the business off to new leadership. 

I'm married to a hospitalist nurse practitioner who provides a front-row seat to the promise and problems of healthcare innovation in the US, and we have an adorable daughter who loves to geek out with me on the latest new technology. We live in Boston and New York.




Richard Bergstrom

Richard Bergstrom is a pharmacist by training. He received his MScPharm degree from the University of Uppsala, Sweden in 1988. Until 1992 he worked at the Medical Products Agency as Assistant Head of Registration. He moved to Switzerland where he worked for nine years in regulatory affairs at Roche and Novartis. He has also served as Director of EU Regulatory Strategy at Roche Basel and as Director-General of LIF, the Swedish Pharmaceutical Industry Association.

Since 2006, he has been an advisor to the World Health Organisation on Good Governance in Medicine, and since April 2011 he has been the Director General of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). In 2017 Richard joined SICPA where he leads a variety of strategic initiatives.